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Hoel Roofing and Remodeling is a licensed and insured siding contractor that offers siding repairs to the residential Rushville community. Siding plays an important role in the protection and longevity of your home. When it becomes weak, it can cause greater damage to happen within your home. Repairing that damage can become expensive.

Our expert team of siding technicians has seen it all before. They can determine the cause of the damage, repair it, and make sure the repairs match the original siding of your house. With our expert customer service, you will have any and all questions answered throughout the entire process. If you’re not sure how much this repair will cost you, call us today. We provide a free estimate from one of our experts!


Restoring Your Rushville Home With Siding

Old or damaged siding can be an eyesore in your neighborhood. It can bring down your house’s value and might prevent potential buyers from looking at your home. With new siding, even if you aren’t selling your home, your curb appeal is boosted. Rushville ice storms and rainstorms can cause unsightly gashes, warps, and even stains on your siding.

Pests sometimes cause damage. After you have the termites or bugs exterminated, you’ll need to fix what they left behind. Should the damage be minimal, we can repair it to look as if nothing ever happened.

We use premium siding materials to give your home the protection it needs from the elements. Our material comes from the best siding manufacturers, trusted by millions of homeowners across the country. We are a licensed and insured siding contractor who relies on manufacturers like James Hardie, a popular siding manufacturer who can make siding to match your original siding.

Common Siding Repairs

Siding may need to be repaired from time to time, although this does not need a complete overhaul. Here are some of the most typical siding issues that need a repair. You can be certain that all of our specialists have dealt with this kind of damage and are more than capable of patching it up for you.

  • Small Cracks In The Siding
    • After an ice or hail storm, vinyl siding may develop microscopic fractures. If these little fractures aren’t repaired quickly, they might lead to bigger ones. However, all that is required to restore these blemishes is the application of sealant.
  • Peeled Paint
    • Your siding may need to be redone, but it may also be suffering water damage from your gutters, which may cause peeling paint. Re-painting your siding will be necessary, but you’ll need to investigate where the water damage is coming from.
  • Water Damaged Siding
    • Even though siding typically doesn’t take on much water damage at first, it might nevertheless sustain further harm if it is composed of wood. If your siding contains one or two decaying or fragile boards, you may be able to get away with replacing just the affected areas. Remove the rotting board and replace it with new siding that matches the rest of the house.

Siding Repair or Replacement?

Should your siding be repaired, or is it time for a replacement? Our expert team of technicians can help you determine what needs to happen. Sometimes, all you need is a simple repair, but it also might be better for the integrity of your home.

Below are some commons signs for when your siding is beyond repair and in need of a replacement:

  • Splits In The Siding
    • Small cracks can be repaired, but large splits down the middle of your siding, that extend beyond one panel, means that it’s time to replace. Strong winds can rip whole pieces of your siding off. If only one panel is damaged, then you’ll only need to replace the one panel.
  • Constant Peeling
    • Peeling paint on your siding might mean it’s time for a new coat of paint. But if it’s time for a new coat of paint every six months, replacing your siding is more cost-effective. The material in your siding might not be strong enough to last otherwise.
  • Warped and Rotted Siding
    • Water damage that is left unaddressed can make your siding soft. It can also attract pests which leads to even more damage to your home. If you can poke tools through the panels, then it’s too soft to stand up to the elements. 

Call Today to Schedule a Free Siding Repair Estimate!

Navigating siding repairs can be daunting on your own. Not sure if you need all new siding or just a quick fix to maintain your curb appeal and security? Our team can help you determine a game plan for your siding that matches both your needs and your budget. If new siding is needed, we only use the best by James Hardie siding. Let us help you with our quality customer service and expertise. Hoel Roofing and Remodeling offers Rushville a great siding repair experience that will keep your siding in good condition.

Give us a call at 765-523-4556 or fill out our contact form to schedule your appointment!

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    - Cris J.
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