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Hoel Roofing & Remodeling provides stylish and reliable siding for your home to keep it safe and increase its market value and curb appeal. Our experts can help you completely change the look of your house with new siding, or find similar or matching siding to replace one part completely. We provide quality customer care throughout the entire process.

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Siding isn't just important for the appearance of your home, though. It's also necessary to keep this structure safe from damage during ice storms, hailstorms, wind, and rainy seasons. Our licensed and insured team of technicians will make sure that your siding can stand up to the elements and keep those elements out of your house. We proudly extend our services to customers throughout Rush County, Shelby County, Henry County, and Decatur County.

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Siding Installation Solutions

If you're building a new home, you'll need new siding to match the rest of your house. If you're selling your home, new siding can help boost the curb appeal to potential buyers. But if your house has also been through some severe weather lately, the damage might mean it's time to install new siding. Hoel Roofing & Remodeling uses the top siding manufacturers to provide the highest quality siding for you and your home. We use James Hardie, one of the world's leading manufacturers in siding and a popular choice for our Indiana customers.

Common FAQS

What Is Siding?

Siding is the protective outer layer installed on a building's walls to shield it from the weather. It comes in various materials such as vinyl, wood, fiber cement, and metal. Not only does siding improve the visual appeal of a structure, but it also offers insulation and protection from the elements. This dual function enhances a building's functionality and attractiveness.

What Are Signs That Siding Needs Repair or Replacement?

Recognizing signs of siding issues early on is crucial to prevent further damage to your home.

Here are common signs that indicate siding may need repair or replacement:

  • Cracks or Holes: Allow moisture, pests, and air infiltration.
  • Warping or Buckling: Indicates water damage or installation issues.
  • Rot or Decay: Especially relevant for wooden siding.
  • Faded or Peeling Paint: Sign of weathering and potential water infiltration.
  • Mold or Mildew Growth: Indicates excess moisture and poor ventilation.
  • Increased Utility Bills: Sudden rise may signal compromised insulation.
  • Loose or Missing Siding Panels: Vulnerable points for water, pests, and debris.

We Use James Hardie Products

James Hardie is one of the leading manufacturers in the U.S. Currently, around eight million homes use James Hardie siding. Furthermore, their siding comes with a 30-year, non-prorated warranty. Trim products come with a 15-year, non-prorated warranty. Hardie products come in a wide range of styles, colors, and textures. Choose one that's fit for your home!

Types of Siding for Your Home

The types of siding available vary almost as much as the types of houses available. Siding can be picked based on its appearance, durability, and sustainability.

Here are a few siding options we can provide for homeowners:

  • Vinyl Siding: Vinyl siding is cheap, easy to maintain, durable, and extremely versatile. It can be made to look like other materials, such as wood, stone, and brick. Vinyl siding requires occasional washing, but colors do not fade, and it can retain its original appearance for longer than most kinds of siding. However, it is more susceptible to wind damage.
  • Metal Siding: Metal siding offers a unique look and is incredibly durable and long-lasting. However, the color of the metal can change at times due to exposure to elements and age. Furthermore, it does not retain heat during the winter, which causes higher utility bills.

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After severe weather like an ice or windstorm, Indiana homeowners may want to repair any damages done to their siding right away. Our team of experts can perform emergency siding repairs to make sure your house stays habitable until the plan for the full repair has been drawn up and agreed to. We'll make sure to find the right materials that match your original siding so that the curb appeal isn't ruined by unseemly patches or repairs.

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When you rely on Hoel Roofing & Remodeling, you can know we will show up on time, treat you with respect, and leave your home in pristine condition.

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