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Diagnosing & Fixing Roof Issues in Indianapolis and the Surrounding Areas

Roofs serve as a vital shield, safeguarding you, your loved ones, or your business against harsh weather and ensuring your safety. However, a compromised roof can jeopardize everything, exposing you to water damage, pest infestations, and loss of energy efficiency. For this reason, you need an experienced roofing professional to keep your family safe and comfortable. At Hoel Roofing & Remodeling, you can find that team. We are committed to providing top-tier roof repair services, restoring your roof to its prime.

Are you uncertain about the condition of your roof? A roofing inspection can clarify the extent of repairs needed and formulate an optimal strategy for maintenance. Our team of skilled Indiana contractors is dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and discreet repairs, ensuring that fixes are not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing.

With years of experience under our belt, our family-owned business has encountered every possible roofing challenge. We prioritize the well-being of our clients, treating each project with the same care and dedication we would for our own homes. Trust Hoel Roofing & Remodeling to understand your roofing needs and implement the most effective solutions to restore your roof's integrity.

How Often Should My Indiana Roof Be Inspected?

A roof's integrity is determined by its age, history of repairs, and the materials used to make the roof itself. Your roofing materials play a key role in our quality roof inspections. Some of these materials will be damaged depending on the weather in Indiana, the animals that build nests on your roof, and how well these materials stand up to certain conditions like heat and ice. If it's been a bad winter in Indiana, it might be time for a roof inspection to determine whether or not ice dams caused leaks in your roof.

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Common Reasons to Get a Roof Repair

Even with maintenance, your roof remains vulnerable to the unpredictable forces of nature. Homeowners, particularly those with shingle roofs, frequently encounter a range of issues throughout the lifespan of their roofing. The good news is that our team of roofing contractors possesses the expertise necessary to devise comprehensive strategies to tackle all these challenges effectively.

Some of the most common causes of damage to roofs include the following:

  • Ice Damage: Central Indiana is well-known for its ice storms. Ice can cause shingles to crack and tear off, causing leaks. When ice thaws and then refreezes, it can cause parts of your roof to warp and become unstable. Pre-existing cracks in the roof only become bigger when ice gets in and expands the crack. Even if you only have icicles, these can indicate ice dams up on your roof. Ice dams prevent snow from running off and melting as it should. Instead, the snow or ice melts and leaks into your home.
  • Roof Leaks: Leaks are the most common indicator that something is wrong with your roof. Water comes in from the roof and causes damage to the roofing materials, dry wall, and more. These leaks can all come from loose shingles, cracked tiles, punctures, and cracked flashing which let water inside. Should you discover mold, dampness, wet floors, a steady drip every time it rains, or discolored walls, it's time to get a roof inspection. We can find the cause of your leak and develop a plan to fix it.
  • Tree & Animal Damage: Your backyard may host plentiful flora and fauna, but these birds and animals can leave behind punctures in your roof and other forms of damage that can create holes, cracks, and leaks. We can remove any animal nests and fix the damage immediately. Trees can also cause damage, even with small branches and wet piles of leaves.

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